I am a 46 year old woman that is confused and hurt that my divorced parents have (throughout my life) have thought it was OK to stop to speaking to me for months even years because they were angry about something.  I am the eldest child and ALWAYS have looked out for my three siblings.  I am a responsible adult. I always remember holidays and birthdays while my other siblings dont. I am angry that they cannot communicate effectively with me but can with my brother who has drama galore in his life.  I am trying to move on but its difficult for me.

Any advice?

thank you
princesst2012 princesst2012
1 Response May 17, 2012

Hey You and I have a lot in common I see you posted a while back Hope you get this
Curious how you deal with holidays I too am oldest of three siblings parents divorced. Parents siblings not as close as I would like it to be There is a distance not a lot of anger from my parents but one of my sisters carries lot of anger enough for everyone

Advice hum everyone tells me it isn't me take care of myself love myself I do this yet I always feel like something is missing What do you think?