The Things Parents Try To Get Away With, Huh?

You know, I was going to write this big TL;DR essay about what the old man's done to me, but I think bullet points work best.

- When my parents divorced, he threw all of the household responsibilities to me, a (then) 16 year-old child.

- He displayed rampant favoritism for his [brand spanking new] emotionally abusive wife [with the exact same name as my mother] while discrediting any needs I had

- A rich example of the above has to do with him not installing ceiling fan in a bedroom that got to temperatures of 100º+ in 80-90º weather, but installing one in a room that was uninhabited.

- He allowed this same wife to emotionally abuse me, as well as disciplining me for defending myself.

- When I was diagnosed with PTSD due to childhood sexual abuse, he had the audacity to accuse me of faking it.

- In addition to above, he declared that the faking was due to a latent desire of mine to have sex with him.

- When forced to socialize with him at a funeral (thanks, mom), he told me that any socialization we have with him (not that I want it) has to be with either both himself and his wife, or with neither of them.

Add in rampant alcoholism and it's really painfully obvious to see why I'm not close to my father.
Hejji Hejji
22-25, F
Jan 19, 2013