What Am I Supposed To Do??

Ok, this is kind of a long story so here it goes. A while ago, maybe a year, my dad was close to me, but I didn't really want to be close to him. He would talk to me all the time, and tell me about his day, etc. and I would always respond, but in my mind I always wanted him to just be quiet and to not talk as much. Around this time I had been looking at **** on the Internet, and he saw it on my computer's search history. He forgave me and said it wasn't it a big deal. Then a few weeks later I tried to see if I could get past the filter he put on my computer. I did, and I didn't think he would know, but apparently he found out, and he changed the password. He didn't talk to me this time, but he forgave me again. At this point he was still happy and talkative and stuff. Then about a month later, I tried to get past the filter again. The same thing happened: I got past it, he found out, and changed the password. He didn't talk to me, but I don't think he forgave me. Ever since then, he hasn't really acted angry, but he doesn't talk at all anymore. I don't know if he actually didn't forgive me, or if he did and it's all in my imagination, because sometimes he still laughs and jokes around. He does this once a day. But when I see him I feel like he's sad about something, which again leads me to think he never forgave me. I know he shouldn't forgive me anyway, b/c 3 chances is more than enough, but now I really want him to be happy again and have things the way they were when he talked to me. Do you have any suggestions on what I should do? I really don't know what to do or where to go.
JTN1993 JTN1993
18-21, M
Aug 20, 2013