Yes, as a father it is your obligation to provide us the brighter future thru sending us to a prestige school. When it comes with financial matters, I never questioned you because you definitely gave us the things we need and even what we want. But on contrary, I never felt like you've really gave the best for us. You even had a hard time trying to be the bestfriend-father because you don't even really tried. You even highly doubt me regarding with certain things which you know I wouldn't do. Why can't you even trust your own daughter?cI'm tired of having a one-sided father. I'm tired of trying to be open for you. Oh well. Don't worry, i'll give the best as I can and i'll be independent sooner than you think without even touching a single centavo from you. And surely i'll repay everything with interest if you need it.

VENTING. 👍 phew.
imerosiie imerosiie
22-25, F
Aug 18, 2014