My Brothers And Me.

So...Im not really all that close with my brothers. started from me the oldest brother, and i was an angry kid. coming from an abusive childhood...and i was never taught to show my emotions and i kept it inside..and the person that would constantly remind me of my dad was my younger brother Elijah. ..and i would beat on him severly..taking out my anger on him...awhile ago i never realise on what i've done to him. that last fight we got into was back in November 2009. ..and i punched him in the eye and nose..aand he was bleeding..and i ran outta the house angry..and i felt bad after that. and i cried. and went back to my house an apologized for my behaviour.

We still have trouble getting along..well, its not like we argue all the time..back then we use to do it all the time..but now we never do, or say anything negative to each other. we just distant. i love my brother...and i promised him i wouldnt beat on him anymore..and i did. i never layed a hand on him...but he doesnt tease me. or nothing. he barely talks to me..or tries. he does sometimes, when he needs to ask a question...but what i think is..its like. hes scared of me or something. ?

before he was never scared of me, or to talk back to me. he was never scared..but after that encounter on 2009...we try to get along...and i hope he'll forgive me for hurting him over the years. but the relationship we have is tense. oh the tension.

and of course my younger brother..Jared. i only beat on him once. and it was really traumatic for him. it went on for 2 minutes...and thats long. but i know he forigved me. this happen back in and him were closer then me and elijah were. which elijah despised him over the years.

i think my younger brothers get nervous around me.
RedWolfGuy RedWolfGuy
22-25, M
May 10, 2011