Spiteful Sister

A couple of months ago i was in my basement, this is where we keep old books etc. I don't remember what i had gone in there for but whilst in there i spotted my old notebook. The notebook i used on my last days of high school, basically all my friends/classmates wrote in it and i kept it as a reminder. Well i picked it up and opened it. Every page that was written on was clean torn out all 40 pages all that remained where the fresh unused pages.It was clear someone had done this deliberately. The person who did this is my sister. Now its gone forever ,its irreplaceable.
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1 Response Jun 1, 2011

My sister displays very similar behavior. It was explained to me once this way and it struck me as poignant: people who are jealous tell you that your car is nice but they secretly want it, people who are envious tell you you have a terrible car, and those that are maliciously envious take a hammer to you car. To rip those pages out she is doing something aggressive to injury you because there is something to malicious in leaving the empty book to be discovered. Not sure if jealous is the trigger emotion with her, but it could be.