What A Distance.

I have 4 siblings.. 1 sister, 2 half brothers on my dads side, and 1 half brother on my moms side.. My sister is 20 years old and my brothers are 29, 28, and 28.. Close ages, much?

But anyways... There was such a large age gap between my brothers and me that I never really got to know them.. I only ever lived with one and I only see the other two once or twice a year. I don't even really consider those two a family.. The other kind of is, but we're not close like a family should be. He lives across the country and the last time he was in town, no one even bothered to tell me.

My sister and I... Well, we talk.  But not very often.  It's usually only when I baby-sit for her and even then, it seems like she doesn't care about anything I have to say and she just listens to me because she has to.  I baby-sit for free because it's my sister, y'know?... So she tolerates me.

I only ever remember my brother on my moms side telling me he loved me. He's kind of a 'hippy', and I know no one in our family ever says that to each other, but I really appreciate that he does tell me that.  we may not be close, but I feel like someone cares.

I've always wanted to be closer to all of them but I just don't know how.

Amay408 Amay408
18-21, F
Feb 7, 2010