Green Eyed

I am not confident in my looks at all i am insecure about them i stare at my self and i hate every thing i look at i wish i was pretty and looked so much different then i look now i cant stand the way i look.
i could go on forever saying i hate this and this and this i couldnt name one thing i like. its depressing to look in the mirror and see myself im so insecure about every thing. it makes me mad and angry that other girls can walk around and be drop dead gorgus and i cant.. . . they have guys stare and talk to them out of nowhere and thats never happend to me. not once. im deffenetly a green eyed monster when it comes to pretty girls.
And for that i cannot truly except a compliment. i get them but i just shrug them off beacuse i cannot agree with them at all i deny deny deny.

IWentThere IWentThere
18-21, F
Jul 16, 2010