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I Have Found...

that taking up nudism has helped me enormously to accept the body I have. My goal is simply to make it more healthy. It is harder to accept myself when I have to put on clothing as nothing ever seems to fit right.
gillianmcg gillianmcg 56-60, F 5 Responses Jul 16, 2010

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I understand how you felt. My body issues have always been a problem. Nudism has helped me with mine. I'm a home nudist that is trying to get a strength to make the next step.

All the posts before mine are in agreement and I am, too.<br />
You'll find that these nude experiences will give you more confidence everywhere else, as well. <br />
In my case, aging gave me more confidence. It probably was a combination of experience breeding self-assurance and simply concluding that what other people think just doesn't matter. And as goofy as this might sound, others can see in you that you don't give a crap what they think, and that looks to them like confidence, and you're respected for it.

It certainly helped me to accept mine..I saw women there with a double mastecomy walking around with pride I thought how dare I be anything but appreciative of mine.

Your experience is alot like mine....Nudism has helped me alot over the years (it also helped my wife too). I am actually more comfortable naked with nudists than I am clothed in the textile world.

I have said many times, nudists are not concerned with body. There is no "perfect body" out there. Nudists also look eachother in the eyes, and you meet the real person, not their boobs or buttocks. There is a comfort and closeness with nudists like no other. Embrace yourself, it is worth it.