There Ain't Too Many People That Are I Don't Think

Yes, I can honestly say I am not confident with the way I look. I could go on listing fault after fault with myself without any problem what-so-ever, and would struggle to name the things I like about myself.

And unfortunatley I think most people are in the same boat as myself. It is VERY easy for us to name our own faults with the way we look, and just as easy to name someone elses strengths. I constantly hear "oh I wish I had your eyes", and wow, you have beautiful hair" from both male and female friends. And it bothers me because I would pick them as faults in myself if someone asked.

I was speaking with my good friend Preminitions today, and she said something which really blew me outta the water. She was telling me about how she doesn't need affimations from others to make her feel good about how she looks, that she looks at herself in the morning with pride. I was surprised by that, for I had never come across this before.

I have been quite inspired by the way she see's herself, and have decided to try see myself in the same light. I am insecure about me looks, horribly so, but I don't want them to get the better of me any longer. I am tired of avoiding mirrors, and tired of laughing when someone says I look good. I want to be proud of myself.

And yeah, I understand that I may not be perfect, but I would like to look in the mirror and like what I see. Just once....

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3 Responses Mar 14, 2010

I guess, sometimes I just wish I could see that

Thanks sis **hugs** I can't believe your stealing my lines though HAHAHAHAHAHA

Thanks Kiddo, just my 2 cents really....