Zero Confidence!

OK i am new at this so here we go!

   i am not confident in myself  because of my body because i am really thin stick i may say i  have no boobs not that much of an butt i am about 5'5 and 105 lbs. i am not sick i have not eating disorder i eat healthy but it does matter how much i eat i don't really gain weight i have a fast metabolism some people may say oh skinny girls have alot of confidence in their selves but they are wrong  i have zero confidence. when i go out i only really wear pants and sweaters because i don't like showing my legs and arms i feel gross and i feel that everyone is looking at me and saying ewww she is too skinny. plus i feel that because i am so thin that i don't  even get no attention from guys that i like they would probably;y go for one of my friends that have curves. i would love to have confidence in myself in my body because i am not sick  i am healthy i swear i eat ALOT and i don't gain. i would just love to wear shorts, dresses , shirts with wearing sweaters with confidence not care what people think of my body and have guys like me for who i am.

Dancergurl65 Dancergurl65
18-21, F
Mar 7, 2010