They Say...

They say "Oh its inevitable..."

They say "You can't..."

They say "Theres no hope..."

They believe "Its not worth it..."

They say "Why are you being difficult..."

They say "Benefits outweigh the risks..."

They say "Our technology is faultless..."

They say "Lets record their last words before they die out..."

They thought "Oh s/he's wasting their time..."

They said "That won't work..."

They even teach "mediocrity over diversity..."

They decided "We know best..."

They persuaded "Trust us...'

They tried "Our way or the highway..."

They said "Build it and they will buy...'

They believe "More is More..."

They give nothing and charge top dollar...

They say "Old is no longer useful..."

They say "Mankind' still in the 21st century...

They said "The end of the world is coming..."

They believe Hollywood is the only story worth consuming...

They engineer formula made s/heroes for us...and they're all american

They believe "Everything is exploitable...'

They think "Bigger is Bigger..."

They consume because if they don't someone else will...

They modify and manipulate because they believe science is all powerful

They create markets where we don't need markets to exist

They sell insurance with no intention of respecting their clients

They think perfection is related to beauty....

They exchange nature for plastic

They call our children our greatest human resources when the last 100 years has seen what they have done with our natural resources

They say "Power corrupts...and they're right...and they don't care..."

They say freedom for all...and impose the indentured labour like slavery on everyone

They war-monger in the name of peace and expect us to accept the sham that their rhetoric espouses unquestionably

They say "All citizens are equal..." but perpetuate inequality

They preach values "and price everything to value beyond the capacity of many to meet..."

They uphold the institution of the family "but only if you come from the right kinds of families..."

They say "No one owns water...and then they buy and control every drop..."

They say "mind your carbon they drive their gas guzzlers..."

They say "control the masses..."

They want everything you can give for as long as you live...

They prositute our futures for the quick buck and don't give a **** for the consequences

They numb our senses with senseless drama

They emote anger and negativity 24/7

They feed us empty foods

They say "for only $39.95 you too can get rich..."

the man in the mirror asks "who are they..."

the world in the window answers...

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10 Responses May 6, 2010

in answer to your excellent questions thsone...I go straight for the cliche...<br />
<br />
when we heal ourselves first...we heal the world first<br />
<br />
I've wondered about the strange phenomena of cliche's - they seem to become that because they are so frequently made apparent especially in this type of conundrum...<br />
<br />
why do they arise so often?<br />
<br />
perhaps because they are relevant<br />
<br />
I can only practice every day to be the best human I can be and this means concentrating on healing me first in every moment...thats how I can contribute

i do always enjoy ure voice... :-) this is very shameful topics too... problem is how can "we" take control back without utter chaos and rampages ??????

and because you love tasmin this warrior for peace is made ever stronger, ever more humble and ever ready to face the winds of change...humble appreciation always tasmin

Love your thought provoking stories

Your father is wise indeed unobserver...<br />
<br />
My feeling is that while the paucity of economic equality expereinced by the majority would benefit from more equitable re-allocation it is the paucity of the spirit and will of all to heal the world inside so we may affect the external world with the spirit of heart felt authenticity...<br />
<br />
the healers are coming...we are the generation of opportunity creators for those yet to be born...

I often find myself surrounded by "they," and sometimes I forget that it's useless to argue. In fact, it's better to just know, quietly, of the strength inside, the strength rising. <br />
<br />
My very wise father used to tell me, "You can't get a man to think with his belly full." And I believe he's right. Give this economy time to REALLY effect the working people, and we'll see how complacent they stay. are the purr in my perfect...its a great day because you are here sharing the love...

Great post as usual my darling 8 ... and it is up to us to change their cant to will<br />
their no to yes ... and their never to always ..=-)...thank you for posting this *hugs *

blessings frito414 and pamperurft<br />
<br />
they be the they that they are and NOT the they that we need...ironically only love can change what they we must love the they that they are in order to change the world...

And they are very wrong! Great post! :)