The Doctor Told Me

I really thought i was CRAZY.  I could not go one day without tears.  So I go to the Dr. today-post miscarriage visit.  He tells me I am not crazy.  That was such a releif that i wanted to share it with all my friends who like me have questioned our sanity. There is hope for all of us.

josie josie
36-40, F
3 Responses Jun 18, 2007

My gosh, it's normal to cry A LOT after something like that. I know I have. You are fine !!!!

It could have been the miscarriage. I imagine if a woman wants her baby and loves it, a miscarriage can probably cause a depression much like that of "Post Partum Blues"<br />
Glad you're okay, though. Better luck in the future if you plan on trying! :)

glad to hear you are not crazy. I hope you feel better as well.