I Will At Some Point, Maybe. Not Today, Though

I am due a nervous breakdown because...

- I am without a job and it drives me up the walls all the more because I DID have a job, I LOVED my job (even though it was hard at times) and I went and QUIT. HOW. F*CKING. DUMB.

- Finding a job for someone with my unique path in life, set of skills and aspirations, in a country where employers are, at best, broke and unable to hire me unless I had been on the dole for years (in which case they get grants from the government), at worst, obtuse, seems an almost impossible feat. Almost.

- I am isolated in a remote village where the most exciting thing to do is the crosswords in the daily newspaper.

- At the same time, I am being made aware by Facebook of all the wonderful festivals happening in the country I LEFT. I'm painfully aware of missing out.

- I miss my friends dreadfully. And why are they far from me? BECAUSE I LEFT. *hits head against wall repeatedly*

- I am being forced to deny my inner tree-hugging hippie and LEARN TO DRIVE. Oh, the horror. My only comfort is that being able to drive will be an asset when the zombies arise.

- My family are lovely, but my Mum especially treats me like I'm 15. I'M 33 FOR ****'S SAKE!!!

- I am hopelessly in love with a married man who (hopefully) knows not of my feelings...

- ... and there are NO hot guys around here to remotely distracted me from above point.

So yeah. I am due a nervous breakdown. But not today. Today I fight the beast, because I can kick ***.

Get out of the way, here comes the bulldozer. YARRRRR. Or the pirate. Whatever.
DancingFox DancingFox
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*hugs l'il fox* <3

*hugs Sonnet back* =)