I'm not gonna sugar coat my appearance. I'm fat. I'm fat and I need to lose it.
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1 Response Aug 20, 2014

Hey we all have our weight battles! I'm trying for up, you're trying for down... Nobody is where they wanna be! Curses! Seriously tho, I've found that if I eat a big breakfast, that I'm very hungry all day long. Maybe my body is strange, but if I skip breakfast, and possibly lunch, then I won't really want to eat all day. If i do this twice in a row, my throat gets very sore when I finally do eat; so it needs to be a smoothie or something.
Try to sleep a bit later, and then have to rush in the morning, lol... Then you're like "o crap, no time to eat!" And the problem solves itself!
Plus you save money!
But don't starve, that's awful for your metabolism. I usually only eat a couple or few bites of anything. Plus, I don't know why, but I have always left the last bite of anything I eat. Seriously, probably 70% of what I ingest, the last bite isn't eaten. Sorry to be silly, just giving out some "hints" to be unhealthy :p