My Teacher

As I said, it is really difficult to offend me. I tollerate some bad words, but...not every time. I do not tollerate when an offence against me is connected to the job which is being made by somebody. I had got that story. It was during the secondary school. I was about 16. And...the offender was of course a teacher. He offended not only me, but all my class, and the other his students. Paradoxally, it had happened in one of the best school in my town in this time. He was a young man, probably he was also not to enough experienced man to teach a youngster in that kind of a school. It was a kind of a typical bastard. He completely did not inform both students and their parents about notes, they received. Once a time, when there was a meeting of the teachers and the parents, my mum came in home after this meeting and said I was noted nearly only CDE. He....was suspiciously calm. My father wanted to asked him what is happening and he...answered calmly, that there is nothing wrong happeining, it is a mistake and...there are a notes of the other student, provided out of the learining process of completely another language, Russian. It was a man who was not able to nice smile, curdially tell to the pupil. When there was a school trip, he went at the end of the group. Somebody could say that there was a step to the safety of the gruop, but it was a kind of such a self-closed nosy man, that nothing goot it could mean. What it a bit worse, suddenly, he started to be extremly happy when there was a serie of students fail and he was a fury as a rottweiler when he had to mark somebody in positive way. He also was able to escape from the class in the middle of the lesson, when there was a sympthom of a certain hole in a knowledge of a student. I was also a horrible pass with him I was learned in my home. He was comin into this home the autumn it started to get dark and dark. Normally everybody is standing up and turning on the lights, but he did not do it. It was such a kind of bastard, which was not able to turn on the lights untill somebody will not able to please him to do it. It was out of my mind. Next week, I have just thought"What's the hell he is able to invent else". Of course...I was so nervous, that I was not able to think in the good way. Suddenly,, besides of try to calm me down. he shouted at me as a dog "The foam is going out of your ****** mug!". I had no choice ad I made a complaint to the deadmastry. He...was not fired and....he was pleased to go out of this school with an agreement of a sides. He started teaching in this school when he was graduated, He never felt sorry for my because of fact of offending me. When I was trying to him that I think he behaved himself as an *******, he called the police and I nearly was sentenced. Now....he is a tutor of EC Circle in his school and his wife is a translator.
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Sep 8, 2012