Oh - I'm Not Even Close ....

This is just one more reason that I am NOT the marrying type .... =]

Oh Nelly - not even close.   Funny thing is - not even a far, FAR second third or fourth.

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I may be a little Martha Stewart. At least at work. For years, I was an executive secretary, and the clerks all called me Per. My name is Patricia, but it didn't fool me for a minute that 'per' stood for perfect. Everyone thought I was perfect. I wasn't. I was very quick and clever at fixing mistakes, especially ones I had made. I was very dedicated. I wasn't perfect. I tried to be Martha in my marriage. I cooked great meals every night, on the weekend, I cleaned and did laundry. I made sure I had time and energy to take my young daughter to her swim lessons and meets. I had a breakdown. Only after divorce and some hair raising events, did I find I am bipolar. So, goodbye Martha. I think it has its price, being Martha. Today, I am just Patricia, retired and trying to enjoy life. Never again will I be tempted to try and 'do it all, be all'. Life's too short.

haha. ME NEITHER ME NEITHER. THank the good lord! Dont like her , never did, and i like most people. She is just way way too into Martha. haha<br />
Me, I wish I could be more like "me Mum" as my sweet British friend always fondly said about his Mother. She is the worlds top cook, beats any cookin i ever tasted! And people travel hundreds of miles for a taste of my Moms food. LOL! and Im not even kiddin. She dont get it why none of her daughters took even a tad of hankerin after her. I say its cuz we got "spoiled-ed" !! What do you think?<br />
SERIOUSLY though Hun, be YOU!! Im DONE with men who think the reason you marry is to get your house cleaned, laundry done and meals cooked. Yes, its PART of marriage no doubt but its also team work and pickin up 24/7 for someone other than what came out of my uterous isnt really in the marriage vows. LOVING , being affectionate, understanding, showing your care, and feeling his mutual love IS! And THAT...my friend is what matters! :)

LMAO!! Yeah - I guess anyone on this site that has read anything I have written can DEFINITELY see that I am not Martha Stewartesque at all ... =]

i didnt think you were like martha stewert not even a little!

hmm ... that's a great way to think!! Maybe I am thinking about this wrong.

Who has to be like Martha Steward to be married? Or Betty Crocker, for that matter. You need to find a man that cooks and cleans too! they're our there, I promise!