*holds Back Tears*

You came....

You went...

and I Didn't even get a hello....

I know I am not in the best shape right now....

and I am sure I'm no fun to be around...

But i could have used a Hello...

I wonder will I ever be worth it...

Was I ever worth it

Was I just folling myself the whole time?

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1 Response Aug 8, 2010

I gazed upon a star <br />
and wondered why that couldn't be me instead<br />
i felt the rapids flow across my hands<br />
and wished I could flow along with it<br />
I smelled the aroma of a winter wind<br />
I wanted it to take me with it<br />
for I knew no soul would ever know<br />
I had existed<br />
Then I read your lines<br />
and knew I had to extend a<br />
Hail and well met Friend <br />
for without us, <br />
the world would lose it's purpose