Of Course Its Me Dumb @$$

I designed and drew that tattoo. It took me three years of tweaking, changing, erasing and re-designing to get it just perfect. I knew there had to be tribal, I am from New Mexico and grew up only 10 miles from the Indian reservation, the wonderous culture was a huge part of my life. The three signs in the middle are for me and my girls, its out birth signs, Pices for Christina, Scorpio for me, and Leo for MyKayla.
The smiley face, well thats Smedley and he has always been with me. I have collected the smiley face for over 26 years now and that tattoo is now  almost 15 years old.
I use that picture because even with out my face, it is the fullest picture of who I am that I have ever taken or could ever show you. Its what my soul looks like I think.
I dont get on the internet to be someone else, I get on her to be myself. I work as  Customer Service-Maintenance Coordinator, so all day long I am being as charming or demanding as deemed neccessary in order to get things accomplished. On here I get to be the quirky, silly, goofy mess that I am in real life.  I dont have time to pretend to be what you need when I am too busy being who I really am.
I have been called brutally honest but I dont have time to make things up and then rememeber what I made up in order to make you feel better about yourself. I think its better that you get stung with the truth so you can deal with your own short-commings. Don't get me wrong I never go out of my way to be hateful or mean for no reason, some people are just a little clueless and  are better off left that way, untarnished. I won't however go out of my way to make you feel better with petty lies or pad your insecurities with things you"need" to hear, that's just not me. I hate to be patronized therefore I refuse to patronize.
With me you get what you get, there are no secret me's or double standard me's, no fairy princess me's, none of that crap , theres just ME! Take it or leave it, and if you decide to leave it, I am good with that, you wont break me or make me sad, you will only leave me time to find more real people like myself, and that's my preference. It always comes back to my favorite thing I say, I'd rather be alone than in bad company!
36-40, F
2 Responses Jul 10, 2010

Nice soul =) i wonder what mine looks like

Oh, I'm so sorry.. I though it was a billboard, or a clipboard, or an ad, not a person..