*smiles Big*

Yep it's me :-) I am really, really.....REALLY the person I say I am here. I am the woman pictured in my photos and those really are my dogs and cats I post on my profile as well. What is the point in being anything else? Some people have said that it gives them an outlet to be someone else......but if it is all imaginary aren't you just blowing your original reasons to bits? You can't live a life through lies. You can however, get up out of your chair.....walk outside, and breath in the air that surrounds you. Then perhaps be inspired to go talk to someone face to face.....heck, go say hi to your neighbors as you walk your dog. Maybe smile at a stranger and perhaps believe that it was that smile.......real and wonderful that made them feel good and have a nice day :-) Of course a gesture so conveniently placed on someones profile here can put a smile on an e-flings face but what if you could knock on the door of an old friend or loved one and really give them something to smile about!

Fakers be gone from me.......and the start is from being blocked by a few previously :-) I would much rather have something real to touch and someone real to love in person. This keyboard just doesn't do it for me and for God's sake shouldn't for you either.

GET OUT AND LIVE.........FOR REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Got to agree BUT if it wasn't for this keyboard I wouldn't have a life. I HATE socialising in the real world it brings me out in a "cold sweat" of fear. Illogical I know, like any phobia, but because you don't understand a phobia in someone else, it doesn't mean it isn't real to them.

I am all for living LIFE!!!

Just remember that there are A LOT of fakes here and other online social networks/place. Be careful!!! It's the best advice I can give :-)

I am glad things are god for now :-) Let's pray for a continuation

LOL for you Marji....sure! Its good you aren't saying hello with your fist! I would be if she were my MIL.