The First Ever I Saw My Face

The first I got completely dressed up; lingerie, shoes, dress, accessories and fully made up; eyelashes, lipstick, hair, nail polish and even perfume and looked at myself in the mirror – I cried. I knew I was seeing the real me; seeing "my" face for the very first time! I always felt a strong part of me had a very feminine identity but I was never allowed to explore, much less, express it. When I finally made the dramatic commitment to go all the way and transform and express myself en femme, I didn’t know exactly what to expect. I really wasn’t prepared for the swell of emotion as I saw myself and realized that for the very first time that person that I was on the inside, had finally become the same person on the outside. It was a powerful and enduring experience and revelation. In spite of all the social, economic and personal pressures to deny myself and go back, I can not, I will not (at least not here, not among my real friends). So, what you see here is the very real me. Yes, that’s really me in the profile picture and yes that’s really me on the inside as well. If I appeared here in male disguise and image, I would actually be a fake. No, here you get to know the REAL me. Miss Cherry. (Smiles.) kiss

CherrySissy CherrySissy
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3 Responses Jul 27, 2010

Your profile pic is beautiful. I would love to see more, can I be added?

Good for YOU!'re not here to have to impress anyone!

Wonderfully put. I also remember the first time I got completely dressed up as a moving revelation. (Even if I did not look as good as you do!)<br />