Yep, Thats Me!

I came to Ep several months ago and while setting up my profile my thoughts were I rather just be honest and be me!

So much easier I think because you are not worried about keeping up with appearances.

In a few short months I have slowly begun to embrace who I am.
I have become much more self aware and confident.
Before Ep I was so hard on myself I had a hard time seeing any of the good.

What you see here on EP is me, the inner me, who I really am. 
And I have come to really like snowberry.
Shes an amazing lady!!!!

And I am proud of how far she has come and how much she has grown.
snowberry75 snowberry75
36-40, F
7 Responses Jun 5, 2011

I came onto EP to improve my confidence. Step by step i will let other ppl know me, reducing my shyness and less confident mind.

Thank you! I have come a long ways, I was put a shell of who I am today, in a few short months I have become stronger then I have ever been.

It sounds as you have accomplished alot and travelled far. Congratulations on your new found self. Yea!<br /><br />

Yes it is liberating and it does feel great!!! Very interesting observation as well.

I like that there are others who are not afraid to be themselves on here as well. When I get bored with my profile pic, I will probably plan out and take another updated version of me. Take Care!

The same for me, i to! had my real pic for just over two years, but then i got bored and decided a change is as good as a rest, so i put up my country's flag! instead,. :D <br />
I to am, myself on Ep and when you read my contributions and stories you will see there is definately no pretence! just me being me and honest!! :D <br />
Thank you for sharing your post my young friend! :D

Thank you Marji :)