Yes I Am A "half-breed"

Okay, first off. This is more or a public reply to the guy who messaged me this morning saying my pic was a fake, this came from not believing someone can have both Irish and Mexican blood.

"People that have white blood  look whiter than Mexican and Ethnic's, cause my cousin is a half breed and she looks White and her father is a Negro, but she doesn't look colored."

Now rather than fully blast you in a message you will ignore, I am going to go step by step with you me Ole son and actually explain one or two minor points.

1)Do you think anyone would really go out of their way to use a Mug like mine for a Profile Pic?

2)A lot of 'half-breeds' , like myself can have White mothers and "Ethnic" father's, yes it may seem strange, but I also find it strange your pic is that of a fellow from a Calvin Klein under wear advert.

3)Some of us "half-breeds" do take our fathers looks, while some may not. Don't blame me, I am not a scientist, maybe it has to do with the dominate gene's.

4)Except for the fact, my brother looked like he stepped off The Rocky Road To Dublin, he and I had the same facial structure as my father and his father before him. And he looked more Irish than I ever will.

5)What is the point of me lying about my Ethnic Lines, do you think I am trying to apply for a Bank Loan?
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how refreshing to hear someone embrace themselves for what they are and where they come from. so many people dont.

I have a cousin who is half black, she's naturally tan (not dark), but she has blonde hair and blue eyes.

MoriartyWolf, there are some morons out there, sorry this one got to you. The ignorance can be frustrating at times, but hang in there. Hope you are having a great night.

There is a huge difference between mixed children. I have two cchildren that are half filipino and half white and even though they have some of their fathers coloring they have my face, and I am white as sour cream. Looking at them you can't tell that they are mixed with anything. They just have brown hair and eyes like their dad instead of my blue eyes and blond hair. I guess some people like your buddy were born a little more special than others.

As Jerry Seinfeld said:<br />
"Prejudice is dumb. Really. I mean...there's so many good reasons to hate people...on an individual basis."

im half breed and proud! people use to stop my mother in the street and ask if she was babysitting someones brown child with gollywog hair and she was always offended. and she was white.<br />
dont give time to haters, it just means they are unhappy with themselves!! :)

Nobody believes me that I'm half Japanese and half Caucasian. I get told I look Mexican or Native American. Which is cool and all but why would you just call me a liar? I have no reason to lie about that. People can be pretty dang rude sometimes.

I'm half Irish so I can relate to the "ire" such an ignorant comment by the other poster can bring up. <br />
Just wanted to say "good for you" sound like you know yourself and feel comfortable in your uniquely ethnic skin... bravo!

Things just comes out for the best for you. At least this fact about you has been known. Has it it been left unbothered lest be triggered by intrigued, this wonderful story about you wouldn't surface. With the passion inside you, you expressed it well. <br />
I enjoyed your story.

I call myself a mutt because i have more that 4diff heritages in me. Irish, native american, hungarian, and american...and thats just what i know for sure. I dont really look like any of those.

Good for you taking a stand against the ignorance. Surprised it was here??? It seems to be everywhere. Sad that people are still so ignorant.

Gosh, some people's ignorance....I would take great offense if I was called a "half breed", to me it sounds degrading as if talking about an animal. And "Negro" goes without saying; I got no respect for people who use those words on others (and that person was referring to his own cousin!). And you're right about the genetics. Maybe Mr. "Calvin Klein" should take a class on dominant and recessive genes. Sheesh.

Hmm... I am a hafebreed, german & shawnee. A mexican can be white, due to the "Spain" blood that runs threw it, It could have south american blood mixed in it to add a little color. But hafebreed is a term that imply's a 50/50 mix of 100% Native American parent and 100% of "another" type parent in a child... so if your 1/2 Native Amercan - 1/4 Black, and 1/4 Korean, your not a hafebreed, your a mix blood or hafe native... and a 1/4 blood native is called a Bit.... 1/8 and 1/16 native blood refers to "some Native blood" So I hope that helps ya... but a breed always imply's 50% native blood and 50% of another. So Irish and mexican is Irish mexican not a hafebreed. One such Irish mexican is Anthony Quinn.<br />
Even my ex-wife was a Irish mexican, she stayed drunk all the time but still cuts a damn good lawn.

Television showed a lot of Westerns, when I was a kid. I never understood "Let's have some fun with the half-breed.", followed by evil behavior. As an adult, I can see why I always hated those scenes. <br />
<br />
IF being half-breed (in any case, that is TWO halves which are required!) were something bad---which it is not---then that would still have nothing to do with the person being mistreated. PARENTS produce a half-breed. In any case, sexual reproduction is INTENDED to create diversity. <br />
<br />
Bigots are the cause of bigotry---their victims are innocent. As Will Durst said, "When properly prepared, bigots are a good source of protein." As in dogfood!

What f ing difference does it make what race a person is we all belong to god and i doubt the person that sent that is full blooded except a punk

Im a half breed. welcome to the club

Good god,its almost ad as being Black,get a grip.

Sad that America wants to force others to settle their racial and ethnic differences when there is still such a bad problem with it here....Neo Nazis and all factions of their ilk are growing in alarming numbers. Heck I live in Upstate NY and anyone who thinks the North doesn't have Klan Activity is foolish. They are more subtle about their methods whene it comes to hiring. It's when you get into places that are country as a chicken coop you gotta be careful going down the pitch dark roads.......I could almost pity people with that mindset but I won't waste my breath telling them they are stupid for thinking there is a pure race or master race. Can't fix stupid. Just live your life. I get I'm not ethnic enough for my own group and that I am into things "we" don't do. That's just as ignorant. Hey, I'm a mutt. Where do people like me fit in......The Native American tribes don't acknowledge the slaves that interbred.....I mean....shutting up now. forgot where i was going with this now.....train of thought derailed....sorry....think there was a point in there somwhere but got lost in all the verbiage....HA HA HA

I agree with your supporters. <br />
<br />
Don't waste too much energy on haters. The world is full of ignorance, hate, confusion and prejudice. I have hope for the future, but I don't think that things will change fast, but it will change.

who was giving you a hard time? lol I wouldn't mind skimming his profile.

I am not going to give him any power publishing his profile, if he is this hardcore, he can come out behind his Underwear model pic and rebuke me in public. If he has the steel to do it.

wow, what ignorance. Ya, when the parents are two very different ethnicities, there are a lot of variety among the children. Whoever gave you a hard time is a complete idiot.

and this came from a guy who was using an underwear model and claiming it was him. I just needed to rant and i really really want to start smashing things cause I fought my whole life againsts that kind of hate. From Neo-Nazis to Skin-Heads, i have been beatened and bloodied, shot at and almost hung for being a Half-Breed, did not expect here to be honest