Worthwhile Friends.

Making friends can be a hard thing to do, at least making worthwhile friends.

Lets take ''Experience project'' for example : Since coming back after deleting my old account i have spoken to many people, male and female from all over the world and they all have very different backgrounds. Some people just want to chat for a few minutes to kill their boredom while others genuinely want to get to know you. Ive found the most rewarding friendships have come from people who were reluctant to open up at first, but over over time began to let me into their world, and before long your spending more time thinking about their problems and less about your own.
I think a lot of people make friends with others and just see the quality's they want to see in them, because they are desperate to feel a connection. The problem with this is when the time comes and you really need them to be there for you - you find yourself being let down, not because their selfish but because that friend you had in your mind never existed.
So write your story's, join the experience groups that best describe you and while doing this always be truthful. Dont latch onto the first person that shows an interest in you and dont try to hide things about yourself you think others wont like, I dont care how weird you are or how fragile you think you are.. there will always be other people just like you looking to talk.

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5 Responses Oct 3, 2011

why did you delete your old account?

This just makes so much sense! Thanks for writing :)

Just wanted to say you have a great perspective.

Thanks for sharing. I am fairly new to EP and let me tell you was quite nervous sharing my first story here. I've only received one comment though, yet it was interesting to get it. I appreciate you came back to EP and shared this. I have 3 EP friends :-) Friend me if you want. I don't know how to be anyone but me. Again, thanks for your story. Many blessings your way -

thx for taking the time to read my stuff, i appreciate it :)