Proud To Say Everything In My Profile Is Real

I am proud to say all the contents in my profile is real and all the pictures are real. Nothing to hide, even the story I posted here is real.
BhabeDel BhabeDel 41-45, F 4 Responses Mar 30, 2012

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Can I see it and comment?

Sorry deleted other stories I made about my lovelife, just want to forget about it now.

I am always happy to see this in someone's experience list. I don't understand people who fake it. : )

More people should be this's great to be honest, and let people know!

That way way no one has to wonder about what you mean to say...they should know exactly what you mean!

Honesty is the only policy!

Yea.... thanks for commenting :)

I believed from the way of your writing you are honest and kind hearted lady