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my name may not be smoochy malone but my photot, and experiences are one hundred percent real. why do this if your heart isnt in it? All I know is I can trust anyone because i dont know who is a friend or who is reading my words and laughing at them? if someone wants to write fiction, why put it in with real people living real lives? Anyone can ask me my real name and without hesitation id give it, however my profile pic is something anyone who knows me would easily reckognize. im really hurting right now. 
CelestralCreature CelestralCreature 41-45, F 3 Responses Apr 12, 2012

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I'm sorry you have been so hurt but don't let that ruin you for others. Anytime you would like to talk I assure I am a real person.

That works for me. I'm not about to waste my time or yours with phony stroies and pictures.

Hi Smoochy (great nickname)<br />
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I'm fairly new to EP, but your message has me curious. What happened to cause you pain? Would it help to share it with me? I'm pushing 65, so I have some experience that may help you. Good luck.<br />
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sure. i met my ex husband online back in97. he had a hobby, "trolling" and making many accounts and pretending to be many different people, at first i thought it was funny, the net was new what could it hurt? all during our marriage he was on the computer seducing men, women, whoever. well when he left me 9 years ago, ever since hes been doing it to me non stop, its gotten to where i think EVERYONE is him, caused me great diress and paranoia. now hes in w my current bf's ex wife and shes doing it too. On April 6 i had a nervous breakdown which caused me to be hospitalized. thanks for asking.