All I Want Is.... Everything.

While I have generally been amazed and astounded by EP and the people I have met thus far by sharing hopes, thoughts, and dreams -- I find one thing very puzzling.

We have the ability to create free Google mail accounts, make a second Skype account, all very easy and very anonymous... We can even place telephone calls to say, a Google Voice number, and everybody is protected--shielding their "real life" or, I like to say, "public life," from their EP life.

So WHY are people so hung up about getting a little personal? We can be TOTALLY honest here on EP and share the deepest, darkest parts of our soul and mind, and we can trust others to like us regardless or (hopefully) not in spite of but BECAUSE OF those things... But we can't trust them enough to let them see us? Or hear our voice? And seriously, if you can come so close as this to someone's psyche that you can smell their dreams -- why aren't people able to take this private knowledge and turn it into a public friendship? I mean, if you can already trust them... And likely, they trust you with their kinks and fears, it's a "mutually assured destruction" scenario if ever anyone betrayed that trust... So who would?

I hope to continue to meet lots of amazing people here... But I think the biggest thing I hope for is trust. Because I guess that's what this whole thing is about. Some people just can't trust, I guess. And that's a real shame because I am willing to go there... Put myself on the line... Say only the truth and lay myself bare. I expect you to do the same... And trust should be inherent in that exchange of ourselves... And trust is everything.

I want your everything and have only mine to give.
Tybris Tybris
31-35, M
2 Responses May 16, 2012

Tybris, it seems to me that you think that everyone comes here for the same reason, with the same ends in mind, and I don't believe that that is true at all. Some are trying to do things that are meaningful to them in ways that may not have meaning for you, and some just come to play, and don't take anything here seriously, and some, it seems, just delight in hurting others. Just like in real life, choose your friends carefully, and expect the occasional disappointment.

I have been clear on my profile and in my communications with some about why I am here. I understand everyone has their own reasons... It isn't that I am assuming this of others... I am upset by others' waffling -after- the fact. I guess my rant wasn't clear.

I just don't want any current or prospective employers to know this stuff.<br />
<br />
I also can get my heart broke by online people.

But don't you think you can keep your "real name" and personal info hidden while still making a genuine, personal connection?

And of course heartache is possible in any relationship... But you can't break what isn't willing to be given.

That's the problem I'm finding... People that only want to "take it so far" and then I guess they get scared? Or something. Almost like they have a moment where they think... "OH. He's SERIOUS? Crap... I don't know how to tell him I was just playing around... Guess I'll just start ignoring him and hope he gets the message."

Eh...What's trust? To me, trust is "Allowing someone the power to destroy you." There are very few people I place true trust in.