Being Fake Takes Work

There's too much to occupy my time, that being said I joined this site to kill time, and to give my mind a break from sifting through stacks of engineered drawings. Ok I got sidetracked.... There's too much to occupy my time, to spend any extra time or put forth effort to be a fake somebody. It takes enough energy just to be me, and quite frankly I think well enough of myself that if I say something I'm gonna want people to know who it came from. Mostly I just write nonesense to questions because it's amusing to me and I've gotta say that I find some of the other people here amusing as well, it's good comedy. Ive just started sifting through some of the stories to see if there is any other value than just comedic, I enjoy just about any topic, as long as it makes my heart feel good. Keep it real EP people.
JoeDiablo JoeDiablo
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3 Responses May 26, 2012

Haha...I also like to be a smartass when answering the questions....I've pissed off a few people here and there, but not intentionally, so I'm ok with that...I'm just being me, and I don't necessarily need everyone to like or appreciate me...just the ones I like and appreciate.... :)<br />
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Keep it up....have fun!!

It does take too much effort to be fake. Being real is cool and easy. And the nonsense answers is funny. Keep it up!

I though it wa posted for the entire site?