If you can't see that it's ME in the picture then you must be an idiot. Just because I do not go crazy and post a million pictures of myself on here does not make me fake. I have a facebook, and have plenty pictures there. Just because I do not want to webcam with you or Skype you does also NOT mean i'm fake, it's called maybe I just don't wanna see you face to face? People really need to stop being so stupid and thinking "Oh god, she doesn't have more then 10 pics up, she's a fake". Because I just don't feel like putting up a bunch of photos of myself when I won't be on here often and when I am it's only to either write and or join groups and then i'll talk to my friends, if I make any atleast.
CarnivorousCassie CarnivorousCassie
18-21, F
Jun 24, 2012