I Dont Do Fakes

thats the trouble here half of the members arent even who they say they are, guys pretend to be women, guys have pics of large penises on when i ask for anew one by email they cant produce it.
i don't understand it at all my pics are either of me or i have said who they are of, i do not think ep should allow fakes on here and if i find out you are a fake then trust me i will report you, flag you and let ep friends know
if you are a fake, delete your false profile and create a real one or if you cant be the real you f+++ off thats the best for all of us real people that want to enjoy the site
doctorpaula doctorpaula
36-40, F
1 Response Jul 24, 2012

So, to sum it up, I hope you're not a fake. Because I'm not.