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->The Heart Break Kid<-


I used to fall hoaawward (that's how I yell "hard" : ) ...and now its the other way around lol ! Not that im some douchbag (I care too much to care *If that makes any sense) but to have a stress-free good time these days you cannot worry and must have to learn to push the feeling aspect aside). So I fig naturally id use the nick-name since all my boys and ppl I grew up around had always been calling me that And + I currently share the same profile pic as my fb® !!! probably not the smartest thing perhaps but im not really worried or to concerned w/what others may think ... Id end up saying the same exact thing to someone ive known forever and alike a person I dont know , One things I do know is that I dont lie :);) foreal


I T ' S B E E N R E A L.

22-25, M
Sep 12, 2012