When I First Started On Ep...

I was just trying to get into as many groups as caught my attention... and then someone told me I was ... some word, can't remember now... anyway, a fake or something.

I am real, and I am curious about a lot of stuff, and EP has helped me find interests that I don't often think about, something that I can tell a woman in the future, and we can have things in common. That's why I like EP...

But for the naughty stuff, I like to read the stories. I don't post anymore in these sections, because I've found that others can read them... and then I will get called a puppet (that's the word!) again. lol But I'm grateful for the couple that showed me the error of my ways...

There's so much to see and interact with on EP, and I'm glad I'm here... I'm Real and my pic is really me... well, no I'm not a picture... but you get the idea! :)
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1 Response Sep 26, 2012

A puppet??

Probably not the right word, more like a lemming, I suppose... just following the crowd.

This post is confusing or I'm just being a little slow today. So you were called a puppet/lemming (a fake?) because you posted naught stories or joined too many groups?