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I had a very rough spell for a few years back in 2006. I lost my hearing in August of that year at age 33 due to bacterial meningitis, a severe disease that could have taken my life. (I will write more about that soon). Then in March 2008 my Husband Dave passed away due to a heart attack. We had been married since 1991. It took a while to get over that and move on with my life. But I managed to with the help of my Daughter Ariel, and Steve, my best male friend. We began dating after about a year, and were married Feb 28 2012. I had been a Massage Therapist for 12 years until I lost my hearing. I had to quit, but still provide free sessions for some that I know who are able to communicate with me or are OK with me being deaf. I hope to make a handful of truly great friends. I am not looking to find love because I already have a great man. I don't mind honest comments, but so many men put crude remarks that I can do without. I am very independent and strong willed. My husband and daughter make my life so meaningful. They are my 1st priority and NOTHING will ever change that. I am a generous, loving and giving person that has compassion for others. I don't have a bunch of rules for you to be my friend, just treat me with some respect.
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Wow! you are one strong positive lady ! sounds like you have your act together ! cheers !

Hi, u look very beautiful, please add me

What a genuine and positive outlook you have, despite some pretty major obstacles. You must be a great role model for your daughter. :)

I just ran into your story and you have earned my respect and admiration!

Wonderful story of self reliance and determination. I'm sure you are a wonderful mother and will be a great wife as well to your new husband. It shows the true character of a person on how they handle life's difficulties. You are passing with flying colors. Great to have you here on EP. Enjoy.

I admire you for withstanding the bad things that befell you. I hope that your road from here is as smooth as possible. It strikes me that you've already paid too much in dues.

I just sent you an email and hope you'll add me as a friend. It sounds like you've had quite a difficult run, but have now emerged from that. I wish you much love and happiness!

id love to be your friend please x


You should. Did you learn ASL or lip reading? Or both?

I can do ASL very well, but have problems with lip reading

Wow. What a fortunate lady you are. While it has all been tragic, you now have an insight and joy not known before by you. I almost went into deaf education. You have a tale to tell dear, look forward to reading more

Thanks. I still love my life

Good for you! You appear to be a person of great strength!