My Site Profile, Pictures, And Experiences Are Real.

I hope yours are, too. Yes, many of my comments, experiences, desires and pictures are very personal and represent a part of my life I rarely share. I know that for me an element of fantasy is a fun diversion from a sometimes hum-drum world. But everything I've ever written or placed on this site is part of who I really am - NEVER FAKE. I would like to be able to respect and enjoy the people I have "friended" and possibly even meet if we feel that we are compatible.
With that thought in mind, I do have a request. Please know that I AM an American heterosexual Southern woman in my early 40's, and single. I respectfully ask that if you want to share my site, you don't have to share my views, but please be honest about who and what you are. I don't want to waste your time or offend you! So if you are:
- into adultery, looking for a real-hookup while married, skip me, please
- homosexual, no judgment, I would be of little interest to you on this site
- seeking a lifestyle involving extreme S&M, Domination or Bondage, skip me, Now. I demand it
- feeling the need to present yourself as someone of another gender, age, species or sexual orientation than is factual, please skip me
Sharing desires and aspects of my life with like-minded people without having to explain myself is why I'm on this site, not to offend or be offended. KEEP IT REAL.
feelingthefeeding feelingthefeeding
41-45, F
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Are you a female

very straightforward and understandable

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who visited this site like I requested. It is very important to me. I only add people who have read this posting. You don't even have to meet my listed criteria - Some of my best EP friends don't!

If you requested but were not added, you likely did not read this posting. Not mean - honest.

Why doesn't everyone do that?

I'm as real as it gets. Flesh and blood.

You drive me crazy! You know I want you.

You sound like an interesting intelligent woman I like that

I like that you are open and honest. Everything I put on here is true and my pic's are of me or I took myself.

I like it........... I hope we get the chance to know each other :)

Hi. My name is: Joe. ( 2kool69) and I admire about what you said about keeping it real. I love your pic as you have a lovely pair of breasts that I would love to suckle upon. Are you into an: ANR with anybody? If not, Im your man. Im 49. but dont look it. I love big breasts but sadly was never breastfed. Any chance for some pics of you and to email one another? thanks beautiful lady.

"...fair do's, pls read my profile & story 'squirming pervs' - I THINK that should cover ur criteria - u have lovely Big *******...!!!"

I totally agree with you!
Why is it that so many guys try to be women or something that they are not?

<p>Hey,</p><p>I've been wait'n to be your friend for some time now. I REALLY wish you'd liet me into your "Wonderful World" - Soon.</p><p>Thanks VERY Much,</p><p>Dikson</p><p>

yes.............I get it "no bullshit please"...
Good for you

How about a woman who is just interested in being friends and sharing experiences? (and admittedly is curios as hell about your gallery lol)

I agree with you 100%.

I read it. I know that my profile isn't fake, haha.

Very well, look all you want. I add almost everyone who reads this story and responds. Thank you very much!

What??? Fake profiles on EP? No way! "Keeping it real"?? WTF? 85% of the profiles on here would disappear if they had to keep it real!! Ha! All those blurred, "borrowed" photographs of all the big bust internet models being used as their own...tsk, tsk
I share your sentiment feelingthefeeding. BTW, you have delicious cleavage.

Thank you. I do hope you visit this site.

Thanks! I am pleased to have gotten so much positive feedback. Please share this story with others. I have only been on EP for a short time, but I have already noticed some real liars that pissed and turned me OFFFF.