Fakefinder116 Is A Disgruntled Soul.

Fakefinder116 is sour, possibly illiterate, too lazy, too stubborn to read through my TERMS and CONDITIONS to be added to my Circle of Friends and because of that, he prefers to attack me with false accusations and hide behind account settings which prevent me from answering his rantings directly.
It is my submission that Fakefinder116 is some sort of a pervert who just wants to view my pictures and because I would not add him to my Circle of Friends, he could not view my picture albums and resort to dirty tactics to try and achieve his dubious mission.
I don't know who gave Fakefinder116 permission to write all sorts of inaccurate stories and behave like he is the custodian of morality, but I would not be party to his spreading inaccurate information.
I suggest Fakefinder116 gets a life of his own and leave other innocent people in peace. 
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15 Responses Dec 11, 2012

You tell him/her. We don't need stupid idiots on here.

This is a great site for people to meet and have fun and it's sad that some people like him should get so serious and be an ***. Everyone has an absolute right to choose their own friends and circle - good on you.

Good. He deserved it, he suffers a little bit more now. Your scathing comments cut to the bone, now he has to suffer from a severe burn and blue balls. HA! Power to you, Gr8white!

very decisively woman like you and love your sweet catty

Sounds like this guy has some serious problems!

Block the *******... Gr8, you are sexiest, most beautiful and probably the most genuine woman on EP.

I just realized that I wrote on this post before, but I figured I'd add.Funny how his name is "fakefinder" when he's the fake one. And for him to make attacks is even worse, since this site is an "online" site, and he hasn't even met or seen you in person. If you have to go online and attack people you haven't met than you are living a boring life. Just makes him more of a loser.

Pls don't ban me, as im new here.

Like his slandering you well make you see the light. He is just an angry person that well never ever be happy. Good to see you stand up to him and tell the truth.

Very well said.

Its funny how people get mad at you when you dont do what they want... Its your decision and they should respect that. You are not obligated because they want you to.

that happened to me...Someone blocked me because I told him in a private email that I thought one of his pics looked fake.. so childish..

I agree, I you can't be real, then why be anything.

I agree that he perhaps goes about things in the wrong way and seems to view himself as some sort of 'fakebuster'. Im unsure what precisely he was accusing you of but you do come across as rather high handed!
As far as the whole 'fake' thing goes. I for one am under the impression that you are certainly a man, a man with an obsession for girdles at that lol!
This is the internet. You are free to be and represent yourself as anything you choose, as is he I suppose.

I mean high handed generally, not specifically in this instance regarding fakefinderWaddevaHisNameIs....
As for my opinion. It is less an accusation...more stating my belief. It just puzzles and amuses me why someone would make such a concerted effort to obscure their gender.
Im actually very impressed Gr8white has not deleted my original comment.She/he has gone up in my estimation.

Girl, you are genuine and precocious. you owe no apologies to anyone. Like dm said, there are **** heads everywhere. Now I personally would not call him a dickhead. **** heads are very sensitive. He is not sensitive at all. lolol

Hey mewold - good to see ya! =)