Like Me For Me....

not someone I created who doesn't exist.

I have been hurt by someone who created a fake profile and provided fake pictures. I would never do that to someone.

You can't see much in my pictures to really determine what I truly look like, but, nevertheless, the pictures are of me.
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1 Response Jan 6, 2013

Thanks for your honesty. I totally hear you and agree. I'm also 100% honest in every way on EP because I really want one place where I can be so. My pics are real, my stories are real (except for a couple fictional ones I've posted, but I've included a caveat at the end of each of those saying it's just a fantasy), and all the groups I've joined reflect me truly.

I'm a little too sex-centred right now with my postings on EP (because I'm struggling with bi-confusion), so I've had to be careful not to accidentally join a group that reflects my fantasies rather than reality. I have written a few short erotic stories here, and more elsewhere, but mostly in the gay genre, in exploration of my own sexuality and trying to understand my confusion. I understand your complaint elsewhere about guys coming to EP just wanting to get their rocks off, or at least it seems that way. I'll admit, that is there for me as well, because I have such trouble in the "real" world with sex, but it's not my overall intention.

But hopefully I'll come around to sharing other aspects of my personality as well. Though I'm a computer programmer by trade, I'm very spiritual and have spent most of my life on self-reflection and being of help to others. There's a lot of things about me that I can share and thus build more rounded relationships with EPers, and others.

But I think I, and perhaps many other guys on EP, as you've mentioned elsewhere, are somewhat broken sexually, so that seems to be our focus. The pain runs deep. But, speaking personally at least, I think I need to expand my interaction with people on EP, in terms of other facets. For example, like you, I have also been diagnosed with PTSD, which has led to both mood & anxiety disorders in my life, not to mention sexual and intimacy problems. I just need to become more open about all aspects of me, as you have.