Unbelievable Me!

I am constantly trying to break through to people who ask for help but don't believe in the solution. They are like sick people who don't want the medicine even though they are crying in pain for any aid they can get. I have met people who tell me that they know that they need something that they have been given in the past to help them, but they are afraid for some reason to take the cure, even when they profess to knowing that it will probably change their life. They don't do it anyway, and then they can keep crying out about their problem. I think that it is a sort of Munchhausen Syndrome, a way of attracting attention to themselves. But I meet loads of these people. I show them examples of other real people who have overcome their issues by trying a solution, but it doesn't matter. It is like they are already convinced that their situation is hopeless, so they act like they are refusing to believe me. How many examples, pictures, stories, or relevant helpful stuff can I give to people and they don't believe any of it is real? It is so so sad! But I feel like a complete fool trying to help these people and I am not sure that they even want to be saved. So all I get is abuse and their determination to discredit me to prevent me from helping anyone else, just in case I do help someone and make THEM look bad. What a waste of my life! What is the point? I tell people stories about things I have done, not anything extraordinary, something that anyone can do. I just do things to try to improve my life by thinking outside the box. I ask myself, "Why not?" and do them if I can. When I tell people, they just assume that I am telling some story that I read somewhere, that may or may not be fictional. They can't fathom that it might be true and it is about me. And I am just above average, probably just because I attempt to always try a little bit harder.
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What is the story behind your name ??

Have you considered that sometimes the problem people tell you is not the one hurting them the most?

If you say people tell you a problem and dont respond to the solution you sugested, and you reach the conclysion that they are just being needy for attention, maybe their problem isnt what they told you, but that unresolved neediness for attention?

And hey, tyeir problem is theirs to solve, you cant just tell the solution and expect everything to be better... As a friend, sometimes, is better to listen to the problems and maybe not even offer any solution, but just be there....

They often don't feel worth getting better.

...People take only the advice they are ready to take.

Some people would rather drown than live with the embarrassment that they forgot how to swim. They'll drag you down with you too- all while blaming you for it.

Interesting. Munchhausen Syndrome... I learned something today.