100% Real

My stories and pics are all real. I am here to express the hidden side of myself. Any questions, feel free to ask! :)
CreampieCutie CreampieCutie
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2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

Thanks for your honesty. I totally hear you. I'm also 100% honest in every way on EP because I really want one place where I can be so. My pics are real, my stories are real (except for a couple fictional ones I've posted, but I've included a caveat at the end of the story saying it's just a fantasy), and all the groups I've joined reflect me truly. I'm a little too sex-centred right now with my postings on EP (because I'm struggling with bi-confusion), so I've had to be careful not to accidentally join a group that reflects my fantasies rather than reality. I need EP for a place, like you, to express the side of me I hide from others in the real world, but really staying honest about it (I've used other sites to indulge in my sexual fantasies, but I need a place to be real). But hopefully I'll come around to sharing other aspects of my personality as well. I just want to share the real me and thus be a friend to others.

I wish to know your hidden desires...