Why Hide?

I can't justify people hiding behind fake pictures or names. Sure, you may be scared for your safety because some fat bald man will track you down and eat you. That's sweet, but part of the reason there is such a scepticism about things like that is because people like you hide your identity and use some name like 'chocolatemilk'.

I wont beat around the bush here, this is a great site for sharing, connecting and releasing, but many of the people who use EP are on here purely because they are too shy or socially inept to converse with people in real life, so they turn to the internet to make friends.
Now, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with this at all, it's an amazing way to connect otherwise isolated people, but if you're that shy that you even have to hide over the internet, what chance do you stand at real life?

It's time to start living up to who you are and accepting who you are as a person. If you don't, how can you expect anyone else to?

Rant over.. No hate towards anyone, but I personally and honestly feel EP would be a much better place without so much anonymity.

Love & Light,

ChristopherMichael ChristopherMichael
3 Responses Jan 22, 2013

I get it with some people if they've posted awful stuff that's happened to them and they're afraid of people recognising them. Some people just use their real-life nickname (like me, slinks! Real name Selina!) as it's natural in many places online these days. I won't hide from people on here, I'm being real and I'm sure lots. of others are too, but there's definitely some reasons these days for people to not post their entire name, address, etc ;-) I agree that people who lie about any details like age and gender are

Oops hadn't finished :-(

... are totally in denial or cracked or something! I mean, that ain't right. I'm a 39 year old female - I wish I was a 23 year old female but I can't change it lol


every ppl had the reason to hide, me my self use "name and avi" as my identity here, bcz in here I told my "real"stories, story that I hide in my real world, but I do put my real picts here (for ppl inside my circle which ppl i already choose as friends can see the real me, and if they ask my real name and all i will said the truth nothing to hide anymore ^ ^

I wouldnt get it either, but there r ppl like that in this so crazy worlds lol ^ ^,

Maybe it it because they have low self esteem and are afraid of being rejected!? Maybe. Who knows.