I Miss My Parents

i never thought of sharing it with anyone how i feel about the biggest loss of my life...i lost my life the day i lost them.i still remember her last goodbye ,my mother,the most beautiful n cool mom u can ever meet,no one can be like her always comforting and understanding about everything ,always supportive .n my father always cared and loved me .i could not sense they are going away from me.i regret of not being responsible enough.i was too consumed in my college n friends.i lost my mother 3 years back during my exams.and after a year my father passed away. life has been miserable for me and my sister.i managed to get a job .what if i was not capable enough to get one.who would have taken care of both of us?no body.it was a dead end.i really miss u both and wish u could come back someday. its really easy to forget a boyfriend and live without him but its really difficult to live without parents.i feel alone all the time.i don't get calls from mom dad i can't request for something.i m never excited about going home.because its empty without both of u.i don't feel jealous of anyone in fact i feel sad for myself.i am short tempered now.and i cry too much. loosing my vision more n more n i wonder wen will i stop missing u both muma papa love u alot.
missedmylife missedmylife
Feb 22, 2013