I Offer to talk to those that ask for help. I try to be a friend to all. If I contact you is because I care and something you posted hit a chord. I'm respectful and sincere. I got a serious issue with fake a** people. Guys pretending to be teens or anything else is pure bull. Don't judge me by my gender or age. I'm the most outgoing and humorous person most well ever meet. And I'll always attempt to make you smile.
If I offer to talk to you its out of sincerity. I have friends of all ages and genders. My heart goes out to young people that are confused or have suffered pain. I'm here for those reasons. Ask those I've talked with. You don't have to block or be ugly. Ask yourself why you posted wanting someone to talk to if you weren't truthful.
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I'm real but never put pics online or even via email. If anything annoys me it's people who think they know things then judge. If people want to know ask questions politely.
I try to help if I've had experience, if not I try to listen. In bad times we feel trapped when often there is a way out.
Good to hear that you are a good guy on here.

I agree with the statement of I AM NOT FAKE MY PROFILE IS REAL. but currently I have not posted pics yet. baby glp.