Are You Ready For The Servantude Job My Dad Has For You Satan

Stressed,everyday of my life is a test,so i carry my note book,my pen,my paper,and my laptop,just to monitor your behavior..i seem to be in God's favor,What can I say,I know your savior,He carries me,and I know his hand well,convert and ask for him,is my advice for you all,if you do not want to go to hail,I have been institutionalized for my knowing him,and beaten and thrown in jail..Satan has taken everything I care for,and is furious that i will not leave God,I am not scared I have seen the strength of my fathers rod.When the devil comes i ask him one question everytime..I ask him if he is ready to take my fathers servitude job yet? It is no sweat and his loving me I will not forget,nor will i regret everything sinful that I pass up,only the sin I choose to still comment,I am sorry God,for all i do that you do not like change me more savior and give me the power to make better choices and self control,for I serve you,and love all that you do until,before,and after this vessel is burnt out of gas and my flesh is through,for I only belong to...too you..I love you Dad...Teach me more and forgive my short coming for I know not what I do in Jesus precious name I pray Amen,I love you
Seventhirty457 Seventhirty457
31-35, M
Dec 27, 2012