Some Pretend While I Do Not.

I am in high school. Right now in my english class we are talking about depression and its syptoms. Of course now everyone thinks they might actually have depression and need help but they don't understand what depression is at all. I may not believe depression is a real disease but I know what it means to have a feeling of depression.

I have been cutting for a little more than 3 years. I wear long sleeves or hoodies everywhere I go because of all the scars. I have gone through periods in my life of isolation and it isn't easy to come back. I hate people over-exagerating so I don't tell people anything about the actual me. I know I just sound over dramatic but right now I am lost. I feel forgotten. I feel like life is never going to get better. I just want someone to tell my that they know how I feel, and that they understand.

anythingbutnothing anythingbutnothing
13-15, F
Mar 6, 2010