Oh No... Not Again

I've always had a problem with christmas. The corporate giants start selling there wares as early as September...It's promoted as a big spend-fest and eat-fest. Guess what - I've got no spare money this year and I'm on a diet, and I'm really against the commercialisation of christmas, that has become so prevailant in our society. Seriously though, I do believe it's all about getting family together and that is my primary focus this year. I'm taking my two daughters to the city of Melbourne this year to be with my two sisters and husbands in law. I havn't even started to shop yet and only intend to give "token" presents this year. We will have a good christmas this year, but It's primarily to do with family and not presents.
wattahappiness wattahappiness
51-55, M
Dec 15, 2010