I Hate Homewreckers

I really dislike women who ruin families.
I had it happen to my family, her name was Crystal, and she had 5 freaking children, all from the same dead beat ex husband, i guess he left her and his kids for another woman, for like a total square, she had curly red hair pale skin with a greating smile, crystal on the other hand looked fast, always wearing tight "look at my ***, jeans" ohh!! And make sure they dont have pockets in the back so i can get extra attention type of women, don't get me wrong, for 5 kids she lookd good.
My cousin parents invited her and her kids over to our families party, trying to be nice and that is where my dad meet crystal, my aunt as i can recall telling my mom to keep an eye out for her because she was being flirty, well next thing u know my parnts divorce, its hard to take in the amount of pain it has caused not only me but my older n younger brother, are family was soo precious, my dad was so selfish to break up our family, hes actually a great father n person, hes knows he f up. Well after the divorce he married crystal for 4years, until the hunnymoon was over, she was just really flirty with men, gosh if only i could see her now, geez wow i wouldmake her feel stupid without saying anything mean, what does she think of her self now? Well my mom now 50 looks amazing, her body teeth hair looks soo healthy, crystal like a train wreck, no honestly lol
My mom never remarried, it really emotionaly messed her up, she really loved my father :(, n my dad is single as well, so sad..it took me 11 years to really actually move on, i feel like crystal took that from me, alot of people dont like her, everyone took my moms side, everyone disowned my father because of it, he has like no friendss, its crazy because after all those years my mom still stays connected to all those friends both my parents us to have, not my dad, sometimes i feel bad for him :/, then again i see the pain he caused, n im like ehhhh nahh, karma is just a *****,.....lol thanks for reading!! Leave me some comments :)
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Just saying, guys can also be homewreckers. in this case, crystal wasn't the only homewrecker. your dad was too. but you also shouldn't be so hateful to her.

My mom cheated on my dad for many years, only wanting to officially be with her boyfriend after I told my dad I had heard them on the phone. They were together for 24 years. I was 21 It took us all by surprise. My stepdad ruined my family and my mom ruined his family. My stepdad bought my sister's love by paying for her college tuition and wedding to a man she later divorced. I saw my mom cheating on my stepdad and she scandalized me to my stepdad to keep me quiet.

After all the hateful things done and said by my mom, I don't hate her and I don't hate my stepdad. Neither of them spoke of perfection. They did wrong but they are family and we love and forgive. I don't believe my mom when she tells me she loves me and I'll be 36 in a few weeks. But I would never disown them. My stepdad's ex even tried to get him back even though she was cheated on.

Yeah homewrecking is awful and not nice, but we have to love and forgive them in spite of their mistakes. If I can forgive my mom every time my stepdad landed me in the hospital, I'm sure you can forgive your dad.