Noone Finds Me Attractive.

I'm not good looking, I'm not healthy, I'm fat, I smoke, I drink, I curse, I'm religious, I'm rude, I'm annoying, I'm loud, I dont have a favorite anything. I'm depressive, I lie, I cheat, I steal, I act better then other people, I'm average height, I'm of average intellegence, I don't get along well and I dress weird.

I know i should change

My friends only like me cause i make them feel better about themselves.
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18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 11, 2010

you literally described me exactly. talk to me?

I believe you must first find yourself attractive, before anyone else finds you attractive... I think I had read somewhere that your inner self is reflected in your outer self, so by changing your inner image of yourself, you may just be able to change your outer appearance... and who knows, maybe someone will find you attractive...