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so i'm not agressive, i have long hair, all my friends are girls, i don't like sports, i cross my legs when i seat and i'm single.

more than one have told me: Are you gay?

Damn it, i'm not, actually, i'm homophobic, if i don't like sports is because i found them boring, if i have long hair is because i like it, if i cross my legs when i seat is because i feel comfortable, if all my friends are girls is because i found more enjoyable female company rather than the company of men, if i'm not agresive is because i believe everything can be fixed with words and if i'm still single... well may be i'm ugly or cursed by fate.

so, does anybody shares these situation with me?
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1 Response Dec 12, 2012

I sort of do, most of my friends are girls and I think the same about sports, I just ignore them and continue with my life.

just like me but even if i ignore them i start thinking...why?, why they think i'm gay, i've never been with a guy and i'll kill my self before even thinking about it