Well we have cameras being set up all over the place with 24 hour surveillance.  The patiot act with it's spying on our own citizens through phone, email, etc.  I think google was the only site that did not give over all of it's data.  Yahoo and many others complied.  Now there's DTV.  This box on your television that the government is requiring if you wish to watch network TV.  Hmmmm...I think I'll pass thanks.

Doublethink is everywhere...all you have to do is look (and listen of course).

Our media is purified propoganda.  Even PBS is not immune to this despite what many people think.

Fabrication and re-writing of history is now (and has been for many years) a staple of the US government.

I don't tend to be a conspiracy theorist.  I don't think that there's a global conspiracy, the new world order, etc.  I do think there are major controls in place and it's only growing.  I do believe our police state is only getting stonger the longer we give them consent through our apathy and ignorance (as a nation of citizens) 

Right now I'm just saying F@CK DTV!  I'll move on to bigger things later. 

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Well I know my last posts were long and I did originally allude to the govt monitoring but I later rescinded that statement. It is true that there are plans to monitor peoples viewing tendencies through cable TV. I believe it's already occuring. It's not what's happening now but what it can become later. I'm so happy to have no DTV box!

You are way off on the DTV transition in America. It happen tomorrow. DTV will give you over the air many more channels, all for free, and in a quality that analog TV could never come close to. DTV has been on the air in most areas for several years now. There is no return path to spy on any one and that was never the point of DTV. It was to bring you a better picture and sound then ever before. I just hope the people you have convinced to not get converter will be happy they will no longer have access to local and important news a warnings because they are not prepared.

oh yeah, I forgot something :)<br />
<br />
A quote from Carl Jung:<br />
<br />
"A sane and normal society is one in which people habitually disagree, because general agreement is relatively rare outside the sphere of instinctive human qualities (I think this means we are regressing). Disagreement functions as a vehicle of mental life in society."<br />
<br />
A quote by many of the American people including entire stadiums full of people:<br />
"USA, USA, USA!!"<br />
<br />
George Bush:<br />
<br />
"If you're not with us you're against us"<br />
<br />
These are attempts to polarize us against the rest of the world and to attain near universal agreement among US citizens. They are succeeding in far too many ways.<br />
<br />
Rush Limbaugh's show is another example of an echo-chamber of agreement. "Ditto" is the keyword amongst all the Rushies.

Well I just did a little research and I must admit I am off base with the notion of information collecting with the DTV box. I am mostly disturbed by the government sanctioning this whole thing. It is another display of power over the people. I'm not so disturbed by what DTV is going to be now but what it means for the future. If you give an inch they'll take a mile. And by now we've given a few feet to our government.<BR><BR>If you have not looked into how our media (news in all forms: internet, TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, etc)) is a pure propoganda machine for our government (the elites). I would suggest reading Manufacturing Consent which discusses the propoganda model for the US. It was written in 1988 and talks about our media in the Vietnam war etc. I would also suggest that you note how every form of media has the same stories and the same takes on every bit of news. There is no diversion from this (in the mainstream media).<br />
<br />
One of the things it talks about is how in white house press conferences there are only certain members of the media allowed. Anyone who asks the wrong questions is no longer allowed in the press room. Also the speaker only gives the media the information that they wish to give us. They often cite national security as the reason to decline answering a question. The point is that they only tell us what they want to. And our media passes this info along as if it were the truth, the only truth. Our media has become a monopoly of about 6 companies that provide the info. These companies are resposible for the filtering and dispersing of information. Since they are large multinational corporations, they only release info that is beneficial to them and certainly not anything damaging to their interests. Since Manufacturing Consent was first published, our media has become much more centralized and controlled. If you read that book it will scare the hell out of you since we've only gotten worse than what they we're researching in '88.<br />
<br />
Basically our rights as citizens are ever more quickly being eroded. Recently here in Texas they've put together a system whereupon police can input your license plate number and see if you are insured. They have a campaign out to inform the people of these. They are pure scare tactics. The commercial on TV shows a man being arrested after being pulled over. The fines have increased also to between $250-$375. This will affect primarily our poor and underprivileged people since they are the most likely to not have insurance. You can say that seems fair but it's just another way to control people and make our poor even poorer. I wonder what will happen next. <br />
<br />
There was a documentary I saw a few years back about what life will be like 20 years from now. One of the things they discussed was an eye scanner put into stores all over the place. It would scan you when you enter the store and tell you "don't forget the beer you so often order" or whatever happens to be what you normally get at the store. This is seen as progress. The thing is these eye scanners most likely would be used to send out a red flag if someone has an unpaid ticket or whatever. Police state extraordinaire. <br />
<br />
Recently here in Austin they've started a DWI program for the major holidays when people traditionally drink a lot. If someone declines the breathalyzer they stick them with a needle. They've already stuck at least one person who turned out to not be drunk. It's only a matter of time until they use this tactic 365 days a year. This is so frightening to me. Not only are they infringing on our rights, they are violating our bodies in the process. Sick, sick, sick.<br />
<br />
These are only but a very few of our rights that are being taken away. We are getting evermore farther away from being a democracy. And all the while people are content to watch American Idol and football games and accept without question what our media tells them. Interestingly enough, TV shows are now a form of news. On Fox they have 3-5 minutes of talk about American Idol. Other stations are also reporting on their own TV shows during the news. Fox will have a 5 minute section on their show but will give 30 seconds when someone from the SPCA comes to talk about how they're so overcrowded with animals. <br />
<br />
The news and television in general is dictating our morals for us and most of the population is fine with this or not even aware of it. I believe the ultimate goal is to make people totally unaware of what our government is doing. <br />
<br />
Obviously I have a lot to say on this subject. More to come later.

What information do you think they would be collecting with the dtvs and for what purpose?

Hmmm never thought of it like that, very interesting take on it (and one that I'll keep in mind). Now this would bother me more if I ever needed a Dtv box ANYTIME soon. My folks live in the boonies but they use satellite which already covers Dtv and has for quite a few years now...almost everyone I know who uses cable is safe because cable de-dtv's it through their cable lines.<br />
I almost don't doubt your idea though, it's VERY plausible, I just think dtv converter boxes would be a whole mess of trouble for very little 'help' to get out of it.


Well said! I completely agree.