Math And Me

As the title suggests I wanted to vent about the relationship I have with math, particularly Algebra.  We have traveled a rocky road and I'll be the first to admit some bad history.

I wanted to get along but so far we are still at odds, math on one side of the room and me on the other.  I thought you might not notice.  But math is not the only subject in college that is "racking my cool."  You guessed it, English Comp 2 and Biology seem to criticize my every move.  I don't feel free to be me with those subjects.  We seem to be at a stand still, them against me.  Joining in their classes I wanted to try to understand their language and be friendly.  I thought a coloring book on Algebra would help me, this caused a raucous in the bookstore "Who ever heard of such a thing?"

Not much more to tell in my story.  But I'm late for a meeting with Algebra and we are trying to work things out.  The expressions and curves are interesting diversions, I'll let you know how it turns out.

added entry

Well, algebra and I decided to meet and go over our problems.  Over and over we defined them and have tried all the angles to figure things out between us.  We reviewed the laws and went over each one individually and started to make some progress.  In the end we have decided to take a break maybe it's just not our time.  We're going to work our problems separately. 

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Thank you for your comments. Algebra and I are taking a break this semester. Maybe we'll go at it again next semester. Taking five courses didn't leave enough time to really devote myself entirely. I actually wasn't doing too bad but I'm a perfectionist and there's room for improvement.<br />
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I'll do well