Good and Bad ....

I can say good - because I am done sowing my oats, being rowdy, partying and dancing.

I can say bad for the same reasons -- but I won't!!

I'm not into dance clubs, cheesy pick up lines, saying no or yes -- and drinking too much.

The morning 'walk of shame' (come on - we have ALL done this at one time or another ...) 


Now - being older - I like that I am financially stable, level headed (sometimes - still make a ton of mistakes), more 'mature' (LMAO!! I still think that is funny), and looking forward to the rest of my life.

But - I am not going gray gracefully. I will always dye my hair - just no longer pink!!! LOL 


So - althought I am NOT getting any younger ... I am OK with that :) 

MizzBlue72 MizzBlue72
36-40, F
8 Responses May 7, 2009

I'm older than you and still love to dance, you don't have to get plastered to dance. Do you really live in Kansas, I did for a year. Now in Mo.

LMAO!! OK - ok. I'll pay ... :) LOL

I won't fall into that trap, but you left yourself wide open.

oooh mewold - you buying? ..... :)

Why, thank you mam. What are you doing later? I know this place...............

Ah mewold!! THAT is why we love you!!! <br />
I just hope that when I am 63 I love sex, and all of the other things that I do now :)

MizzBlue, I am 63 years old and getting knee replacements. I also don't go to clubs and bars anymore. And I am also not anywhere near being old yet. I like to go to movies, eat dinner out with a few drinks,(not getting drunk). I haven't been drunk since I was 39. And I still love sex and can aquit myself very well. I won't be old until I'm dead. I still feel young and veril. I just wish I could spell.

Me too - personally, I like older men, and women. They intrigue me.